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Architecture and Technology

eCommerce Functional Architecture

Bamboo eCommerce solution is architected to be the operating environment for modern, always-on Internet applications, and provides the framework for building high performance applications supporting high traffic as well as big data requirements. The strength and agility of the platforms not only enables us to build all of our applications on this single stack – an architecture unique among commerce platforms – but also allows our customers and partners to build extensions and additional applications on the same stack. The benefits of this single-stack architecture are:

  • Reduced development costs.
  • Increased performance and operational efficiency.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved integration and user experience. 

It is possible to build a great multi-channel customer experience using traditional technologies and methods or by enhancing and extending the other popular commerce platforms. The challenge is to do that in a way that enables: 

  • More rapid development using resources that are more readily available.
  • More efficient and better performing operations.
  • Lower cost of maintenance, upgrades, subsequent enhancements and integrations.

This is best achieved with:

  • An architecture and products optimized for real-time, online data for products, customers, orders and inventory across all channels.
  • An agile, natively localized, integrated product set built on a single stack based on open standards with the flexibility of bespoke development and the cost effectiveness of packaged applications.

Bamboo eCommerce solution is agile: integrated but modular:

        Our solution is modular from its core to the business tooling. Each product consists of multiple modules that can be individually configured, extended or replaced. The platform provides a development framework on which anyone can build custom applications or extensions to the platform or applications.

Bamboo eCommerce solution is service oriented:

        The Spring Framework is an integral building block of the platform, making it simple to learn, and extend. Additional services can also be easily added to the ServiceLayer, thus becoming available to other part of the solution as well. Webservices are developed, making them suitable for a wide range of clients, such as mobile devices, POS systems, external web content management systems or HTML5 web applications.

Bamboo eCommerce solution is front end agnostic:

        Out of the box, the solution ships with a modern HTML5, CSS3, spring MVC based front end with integrated jQuery. Developers, however, are free to choose any front end technology they feel most comfortable with or that is required (e.g., a flash based front end). The APIs provides a sophisticated set of RESTful commerce web services to interact with non-Java front end technologies (i.e. iOS apps) or to integrate other software packages.

Bamboo eCommerce solution is built for extensibility and flexibility:

  • Wire and quickly configure both new and existing components with the Spring Framework.
  • Quickly add your own business objects and processes using a proven persistence framework and a UI SDK.

       The hybris platform offers well defined interfaces which affords you total flexibility – from extending the core to customizing the label of a button to maintaining upgrade compatibility without fear of creating a zombie system. Use modern concepts such as aspect oriented programming (AOP) to extend the system to your needs.

Bamboo eCommerce solution is based on standards:

        The execution environment for the platform is a Java EE Servlet Container. Because the solution doesn't require a Java EE server like JBoss, WebLogic, or Websphere, users benefit from lower costs and less complexity. Running on a wide range of operating systems, the platform ships with a preconfigured, production ready application. Alternatively it can be configured for other web servers, application servers, and databases.

Bamboo eCommerce is simple:

        A Java developer will get accustomed to the platform quickly. The system is easily approachable and can run on your laptop. We offer vast and comprehensive API & business documentation and best practice advice to make development and deployment straight forward. The platform offers the simplest, cleanest and most modern architecture.

Bamboo eCommerce is fast, scalable and reliable:

        The innovative persistence layer provides fast and reliable CRUD operations and supports millions of products, customers, prices or any other items in real-time (systems in production support over 100 million price rows). The platform scales linearly to support even the systems with very high traffic (systems in production support over 6000 inquiries per second) and now with cloud technology, you can configure the solution to pay only for what you use and effortlessly scale for high demand periods.

Bamboo eCommerce solution supports the broadest range of database technologies:

        By supporting all major RDBMS players as well as new non-SQL big data players, the platform allows you to offload non-transactional data from your RDBMS and store petabytes of data as well as efficiently manage structured and unstructured multi domain data (product, customer, order, etc) from various sources at extreme scale.


Overview   |   Features   |   Architecture and Technology

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