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1. Foster Brand Affinity:

Loyal customers are the key to a successful business. We provide the tools to keep them coming back to your store again and again.

  • Customer Rewards Points.
    The Reward Points system allows you to implement unique programs to increase customer loyalty. Incentivize and set point values for various customer actions, such as when shoppers register on your site, write product reviews, sign up to receive your newsletter, or refer friends. You can create different point values for your most valuable customer segments. And you can determine how points are redeemed and when they expire.

  • Automated Email Reminders.
    Sometimes shoppers get sidetracked. When they do, you can send friendly reminders about abandoned shopping carts, wish lists, and more to increase conversions and customer retention. Email reminders are configurable and customizable for a variety of parameters including frequency, cart value, quantity, and more. You can even include a coupon code to entice customers to complete their purchase.

  • Wish Lists.
    Wish lists enable customers to keep track of their most coveted items and return to your site to purchase them quickly and easily. And because they can share their lists with their family and friends, you’re likely to gain new customers. Additionally, you can use wish lists to learn about your customers’ preferences and send them targeted promotions to increase conversions.

  • Gift Registry.
    Your customers love shopping at your store. Give them the ability to create a gift registry so that their friends and family can buy them their favorite products for special occasions. Gift givers can access registries by name, email, or registry ID. The benefits are clear: Shoppers get the gifts they want most, and you drive new customers to your site.

  • Gift Cards.
    Gift cards keep shoppers coming back to your store. You can offer physical or virtual gift cards. You can predetermine gift card values or allow customers to enter their own amount. You can also specify the expiration date. Customers can check their card balances before checkout and use other payment methods to subsidize their purchase.

2. Customize and Refine your eCommerce site:

Bamboo eCommerce solution lets you customize the look, feel and functionality of your store to meet your unique specifications. Extend and refine your site as you grow
and your needs evolve.

  • Multiple stores hosted together.
    With one Enterprise Edition license, you can create multiple, independent websites and customize the stores for each brand and its customer base — all using the same Admin interface.

  • Flexible product catalog.
    Bamboo eCommerce can accommodate even the largest, most complex product catalogs and make any item shine online. Organize your inventory the way you want with product groups, product-specific sorting options and more:
    1 Allows for different price points for different customer groups
    2 Enables unlimited product attributes
    3 Facilitates inventory management (minimum and maximum quantities and backordered items)
    4 Supports downloadable/digital products
    5 Supports customer personalizations, such as monogramming

  • Custom landing pages.
    Easily build and manage custom content pages — including rich content — with our user-friendly CMS tool:
    1 Insert images and embed videos
    2 Create menus
    3 Customize page hierarchy
    4 Introduce widgets that display dynamic content, such as your store’s bestsellers
    5 Create multiple versions of a page

  • Mobile commerce.
    Create a mobile-optimized storefront so customers can shop even when they’re on the go. Bamboo eCommerce comes out-of-the-box with a mobile HTML5 interface supporting iPhone, Android, and Mobile Opera browsers. You can also create a branded native storefront app on iPhone, iPad, or Android. It includes features such as:
    1 Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video
    2 User-friendly search and results display
    3 Clean display of product detail pages
    4 Pinch, multi-touch, and scaling images
    5 Easy swipe between product images
    6 Zoom capabilities
    7 Cross-sell and up-sell capabilities
    8 Drag-and-drop of products to the shopping cart

  • Third Party Applications and Extensions.
    Extend your eCommerce capabilities and enhance every aspect of your store from frontend to backend. Take advantage of an extensive selection of third-party eCommerce applications that integrate seamlessly with the Magento platform. Choose the ones that fit your business needs in a variety of categories, such as:
    1 CRM and ERP systems
    2 Shipping/logistics
    3 Real-time inventory management
    4 Development modules
    5 Accounting
    6 Language packs
    7 Payment processing
    8 Design interfaces
    9 Call center functionality 


3. Grow and Scale with Confidence:

Whether you’re expanding into new markets, new countries, or even just expanding to new volume levels, Bamboo eCommerce solution will help you scale while keeping your site secure.

  • Scalability.
    Business booming? Bamboo eCommerce solution can accommodate even the largest product catalogs and numbers of visitors and transactions without problem. If you still need more room to grow, you can easily supplement with additional production servers.

  • Optimized speed and performance.
    The Enterprise Edition architecture is designed to support tens of thousands of transactions per hour to give your shoppers a seamless shopping experience. Even on your site’s busiest days, our platform maintains bandwidth through our advanced full-page caching feature. This saves and recalls the content of primary webpages to enable them to load faster.

  • Security and compliance.
    When it comes to transferring customer data — especially payment information — strong security is a must. Bamboo eCommerce solution has been designed using BS7799 standards with the ability to support strong data encryption for secure transactions. This not only protects your business, but also instills greater confidence in your customers.

  • Testing and updating environment.
    Want to modify something on your site? No problem. Test out new categories, product information, promotions, and more on a staging site before going live with the changes. Once you approve the changes, you can merge the updated content to the live site instantly or at a scheduled time.

Overview   |   Features   |   Architecture and Technology

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