Solutions for the Logistics Industry


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Transportation and logistics form the backbone of global supply chains and must constantly deliver against increasing pressures such as rising fuel costs, greater regulations and security issues.

Bamboo Technologies has years of experience and a track record in helping both global and local companies in the transportation and logistics industry to overcome its challenges and create business value.

Specialized solutions – Real Time Logistics Tracking System
The Bamboo Technologies Real Time Logistics Tracking System offers the following benefits:

  • Better manage shipments by quickly responding to problems or changing customer requirements.
  • Improve on time delivery with real time information on estimated arrival times, load locations, and status.
  • Minimize risk and losses due to theft or spoilage with onboard sensors that notify immediately when assets are compromised.
  • Plan for optimized asset use by monitoring “dropped” and detained trailers at customer sites.
  • Improve trailer-to-tractor ratios for better productivity.
  • Receive information about load status, door open/closed, hooked/unhooked, tractor identification, and trailer temperature.

Specialized solutions – Data Management
Bamboo Technologies' Data Management solution helps organizations create a strong master data foundation. This solution provides benefits by synchronizing data from various points in the supply chain and providing an integrated view for decision making.

Customers can constantly monitor business sensitive data such as temperature and humidity throughout the supply chain from the original production site to the end selling site. This data is integrated with warehouse, store, and distribution center databases to provide a holistic view of the products and goods in various stages of the supply chain.

Business users can use the data to make rapid decisions such as provide discount on items which are out of bound for temperature/humidity, or reroute trucks to specific distribution centers/warehouses based on item requirements. This allows just-in-time inventory optimization and reduces stockouts/markdowns at stores.
Specialized solutions – Cargo Security
Bamboo Technologies' Cargo Security solution provides a selection of innovative technologies to secure cargo across a wide spectrum of applications, customer requirements and transportation modes. The solution is also used to build a digital security perimeter to prevent theft or damage to cargo. This solution can be customized with unique colors, company logos and messaging, numbered and bar-coded to establish and maintain a secure Chain of Custody. The solution integrated with third party products and devices such as Tamper Evident Technology (TET) security tapes and seals; and truck, trailer and container locks and seals that are compliant with government regulations. Bamboo's solution creates secure Chains of Custody based upon repeatable, consistent processes to ensure end-to-end traceability and readily detectable, verifiable cargo integrity.
Specialized solutions – Shock Tracking
Bamboo Technologies' Shock Tracking solution allows customers to take control of goods in transit; especially treatment on the road and condition on delivery. This solution is embedded into custom labels, clips, or devices and is affixed directly on the shipment or product, thereby preventing mishandling throughout the storage and transportation process. These monitors raise awareness that special handling is required, and indicate when improper conditions occur. Specifically, the monitors track various data such as Impact, Dropping, Tilting and Upending, Vibration, Extreme Temperatures, and Humidity. The solution protects goods during transport, reduces damage-related costs, and strengthens company reputation for damage free delivery.
Specialized solutions – GPS Tracking
Bamboo Technologies' GPS tracking technology changes the way fleets are managed. The GPS tracking systems gives customers all the information needed to monitor freight’s location, condition and security. This monitoring can be done from any computer with just the click of a mouse. Bamboo's solution is mounted on vehicles – all critical location, temperature/humidity/shock, and security information is sent wirelessly to the central gateway to view using a desktop application. This application is also Internet enabled, thereby allowing access to people on the road.

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