Localization Solution


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Bamboo Technologies Localization Solutions ensures a software application can be used in multiple locales without modifying the underlying core codebase, accomplished through a combination of globalization and localization methodology, and globalization testing.


  • Globalization Methodology enables the software to execute in multiple locales. Lays the foundation to localize the application with code changes by making the core application non-sensitive to locale, culture, etc. Moves locale-specific elements into external resources without modifying the core codebase.
  • Provides Globalization Roadmap by performing technical codebase analysis. Reviews the complete system structure, external system integration and also encompasses business rules changes.
  • Bamboo Technologies Globalization Code Review analyzes the codebase to provide recommendations for User Interface, Business Logic, Data Persistence, System Integration, and Input/Output areas. The review considers broad issues such as Language/Codepage, Table structure, Unicode, String manipulation, UI formatting, and locale-specific business rules to provide a comprehensive Globalization Roadmap for future implementation.
  • Localization Methodology enables globalized software to work in a particular locale. Customizes external resources to locale-specific needs without code changes. This can be managed by non-technical users.
  • Rigorous testing to detect problems, ensure international coverage and address worldwide locale-specific issues (e.g., broken functionality, loss of data, display problems, etc).

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