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Bamboo Technologies Workflow solution automates business processes, models new workflow, and increases process efficiency. Workflow can be used to integrate business processes across multiple applications and to extend the business transaction.

Bamboo Technologies Business Process/Workflow (BPW) solution includes easy-to-use tools to enable efficient management of operational process across systems including finance, human resources, and operations.


  • Provides a solution which can be configured, used, and maintained by business users without hiring technical resources. Includes industry standard business process modeling notation which allows business users to automate workflows using a graphical tool compatible with organization assets.
  • Declarative Workflow provides business users with the ability to define the workflow using easy-to-use graphical interface and without needing any technical assistance. This includes modeling constraint-based workflow specification, routing, approval, roles, users, and other complex business processes.
  • Workflow Exception Manager provides process flexibility by including approaches for dealing with on-the-fly changes, event-driven processes, unexpected exceptions, and constraint-based processes.
  • Incorporates a flexible, responsive tool to integrate business processes with existing systems and databases. It connects with existing databases, CRM, ERP, and BI systems to provide complete process integration. The application is web-based, which makes working across different offices and geographic locations simple. This is based on a concise and powerful modeling language to handle complex data transformations and transparent integration with organizational resources.


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