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Bamboo’s Virtualization Services provide a rapid approach to make use of virtualization technologies within your own data centre or server room.

From analysis to deployment to operation, the integrated suite of services ensures that you achieve a rapid return on investment, with increased security, lower costs and higher availability.

As well, virtualized environments reduce your energy consumption, which means you can help reduce your enterprises’ carbon footprint.


Virtualization provides the capability to run multiple operating system images on a single physical processor. It provides the benefits of reduced server footprint, better utilization of resources and the added benefits of rapid provisioning and enhanced security.

Bamboo Virtualization services goes beyond simply setting up a virtualized server environment. We analyze your workloads to determine the optimal virtual server configurations. We look at your requirements for redundancy, performance, testing or for rapid provisioning to determine the best suit of tools and services for your unique environment.

The end result? Faster migration times, reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance effort and improved availability.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe, Rapid Migration: Our technical project managers provide a complete and comprehensive migration plan. We ensure the safety of all your critical systems and data.
  • Analysis to Operation: Our services are fully end to end. We can provide everything from planning, to monitoring and management of the deployed environments.

End User Features

The following services can be provided with the Bamboo Virtualization Service.

  • Data Center Configuration. Our expert team analyzes your current workload and requirements to determine the optimal server configurations.
  • Monitoring and Management. We can provide you the tools to monitor and manage all the services provided by your virtualized datacenter. Optionally you can request that Bamboo provides continuous remote monitoring of your environment so that all problems can be responded to, before your end-users pick up the phone.
  • Provisioning. We provide the tools to rapidly provision a new server image using pre-defined images. You need a new instance of an oracle system? A new web server? On demand provisioning means you don’t need to wait.
  • Scripting and Automation. One of the features of virtualized systems is the ability to script and automate all phases of their operation. We can provide integration services that will activate virtualized environments dependent upon demand.

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