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Device-specific Mobile Apps


In the Internet of Things, any device that can be connected to the internet can be accessed, monitored and controlled remotely by a mobile device.  In fact, the device doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet if it can be accessed locally via Bluetooth or infrared.  Either way, Bamboo’s device-specific mobile apps harness the power of the smart phone and place control of your products literally in the palm of your customer’s hand.  


In a connected world, specialized devices become increasingly common and device-specific mobile applications become increasingly important.  From remote control of devices in the home to enterprise requirements utilizing Near Field Communications, Bamboo can develop mobile applications that properly interface and communicate with specialized devices of all kinds.  Creating the consumer facing application is a specialized skill set that can be best performed by our expert teams, leaving you to focus on your core competency of making the devices your customers demand.

How often have you seen a great device that is linked to a sub-standard application?  Unfortunately, this is all too common in the hardware industry and often a great product is rendered unattractive because of poor User Experience, bad design or poorly planned functionality.

Firmly at the forefront of device-specific mobile application development, Bamboo has partnered with one of the world’s top consumer electronics companies to develop mobile applications that incorporate great design, intelligent functionality and Skills Acquisition interfaces that can teach a user to use the product resulting in a superior experience for the user.  Moreover, we can work directly on the device side with firmware and embedded code to optimize the integrated functionality of the device and mobile application.  If you are a device OEM, we challenge you to find better turnkey support for your mobile application requirements.  

How we can help

World-class professionals Our team of mobile application development professionals offers unrivalled experience and expertise

Tailored approach We analyze your device, we research the competition and we envision new and unique ways to leverage a mobile application that will differentiate your product

Cutting-edge technology Beyond mobile development technologies, Bamboo is well-versed with the technologies that drive the device, allowing for a better mobile experience and an optimal development and support path for the customer

Reliable solutions Because our solutions are tried and tested, you rest safe in the knowledge your customers stay happy

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