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  • Proven experience in providing IT staffing services
  • Deep understanding of the key to staffing for IT projects of all types thanks to our strong expertise in premium technology services
  • Multiple IT talent channels: Dedicated staffing professionals, Bamboo's extensive pool of IT professionals, supplemented by talent resources from IT training organizations
  • Reliable supply of top quality IT professionals continuously trained and supported with career development plan on long-term basis
  • Flexible service model – staff augmentation, team services and permanent placement


Bamboo's IT Staff Augmentation Services provides clients with a flexible, easy-to-manage approach to extend their IT team's capabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner.

No matter whether you are looking for a single resource or a team of resources, we have the right fit for you. We offer flexible delivery models to fill your temporary or permanent placement needs. Backed by multiple IT talent channels, we can quickly match organizations of all sizes with skills at all levels.

We take pride in the quality of resources we provide. As a premium technology services company and the first to achieve CMMI Level 5 certification in China, we continuously recruit, train, relocate, and manage a wide range of experienced IT professionals. The IT professionals we provide bring the exact skills to extend your team's capabilities and they are ready to hit the ground running because we provide training needed to prepare them for the assigned jobs.

Using Bamboo for your IT staffing can also be a big cost saving factor. You don't need to manage all these day-to-day operational tasks. You can focus on business-critical activities and your projects can proceed on schedule.

We focus on providing IT professionals in the following areas:

  • Product Design
    • Product architect
    • UI design engineer
  • Software /Hardware Development
    • Java developement engineer
    • IOS/Android developement engineer
    • .Net/C# development engineer
    • C/C++/VC++ development engineer
    • PHP development engineer
    • Front-end development engineer
    • Database development engineer
    • PCB engineer and hardware layout engineer
  • Software Testing
    • Automated testing engineer
    • Performance testing engineer
    • Function testing engineer
    • Localization testing engineer
  • Hardware Engineering
    • Premise system distribution engineer
    • Storage system engineer
    • Fire control and security engineer (fire control, access control and monitoring)
  • Network Engineering
    • Network operation management engineer
    • Network information security enginee
    • Website maintenance engineer
    • Web architecture design engineer
  • Application System Engineering
    • Desktop support engineer
    • System engineer
    • Application software engineer

Our Advantages

  • Dedicated HR team specialized in IT staffing services: Bamboo has an in-house HR team that is highly experienced in providing IT staffing services. The team has strong expertise in finding matched skills for IT projects of all types. They are very sophisticated in understanding clients' needs and can accurately assess candidates' skills and qualifications.
  • Multi-channel IT talent resources: While our dedicated HR team continuously search for IT professionals in the market, Bamboo also can tap into the extensive database that has been built up over more than a decade for seasoned technology experts not easily accessed elsewhere. In addition, we also source IT talent of all skills and levels through our partnership with multiple IT training institutions.
  • Bamboo HR-backed: The IT staff provided by Bamboo is managed using Bamboo's HR system. They have career plans, training programs, and staff benefits. All these are managed by our HR department.
  • Flexible service model: We can provide contract-based IT professionals according to client project durations or simply ramp up a team with the perfect combination of skills to fulfill your IT project tasks. You have the choice of managing the team on site by yourself as an off-shore development center managed by Bamboo on your behalf.

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