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Embedded Development


Bamboo’s Embedded Development Services provides product developers a way to reduce the costs of embedded software development and maintenance while also increasing the level of quality and reliability of the product.

We provide a full lifecycle service from Design to development to functional and performance testing, ensuring that your delivered products meet the high expectations of your clients.

As well, we can provide predictable product release schedules. Your customers will get new features and offerings on the dates you promise them.


Modern electronic systems often consist of hardware managed by software that is embedded on the same circuit as the rest of the product. The functionality and performance of this embedded software is critical to the overall product capability, performance and cost.

Bamboo has a dedicated embedded programming team that specializes in designing, developing and testing software that must run in the limited resources provided by most hardware implementations. Embedded systems need to be reliable, robust and predictable, after all you don’t have the simple option of simply rebooting the system when you have a problem.

We provide the full range of embedded programming services, from design to development, functional and performance testing which ensure your products will perform in the market-place.

Features and Benefits

  • Modern Software Engineering : Our embedded development teams follow the same rigorous quality processes as our enterprise teams. Quality is consistent and guaranteed.
  • Focus on Reliability: Testing and Quality Assurance is built into every phase of our service. The result is a product which doesn’t give you unwanted surprises in the field.

End User Features

The following services can be provided with the Bamboo Embedded Programming Services.

  • Embedded Design. We can optimise design based upon the features and constraints of your hardware device, we can also provide advice on hardware modifications which can assist in feature development.
  • Development. We apply modern software engineering skills using advanced toolchains to the problems of programming in resource constrained environments. You get the benefits of advanced C and C++ development skills supported by comprehensive CMMIL5 supporting systems.
  • Testing. Our embedded development services provide a comprehensive set of automated testing services. We can provide functional, performance and robustness testing for a full range of environments.

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