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Digital Design Services


Bamboo’s Digital Design Services provide a complete set of services that provide a modern, appealing and productive front end to your applications, websites and digital media.

We look at the entire range of options for making a compelling user experience. Visual appearance, usability design, Workflow and inter application consistency.

The result is a suite of applications, services and media that has your company’s unique appearance, provides unmatched productivity and increases the useable lifetime of your applications.


The greatest, most functional application in the world is of little value if your clients, customers and end-users don’t want to use it. Digital Design Services is all about providing the best user experience, whether it is an application, a website or a piece of digital media.

Much more than simply the visual appearance of your application, Digital Design encompasses the usability, the consistency and the workflow of your application, in a way to make it truly useful, compelling and in many cases fun to use.

Our Digital Design Services provides a complete solution. We will devise a visual identity which combines your branding to make a visually attractive application. We will enhance the user navigation, on screen elements and workflow to make the application intuitive and productive.

Features and Benefits

  • Integration: No application or website truly stands alone. We ensure the Digital Design Services we provide integrates seamlessly with other applications or assets within your enterprise.
  • Focus on Productivity: Testing and Quality Assurance is built into every phase of our service. The result is a application which doesn’t give you unwanted surprises in the field.

End User Features

The following services can be provided with Bamboo Digital Design Services.

  • Visual Appearance. More than simple branding, Visual Identity and Functionality uses graphic elements to represent data, actions and decisions in an intuitive, easy to understand manner making users more at home and productive with your applications or digital media.
  • Usability. The choice of which control to use at which point in an application is a complex decision. Different types of data are processed by different users in different ways. We provide the most productive ways to manipulate the elements of your application so that it is truly the most productive experience.
  • Workflow. Applications often work together. The output of one application being input to another application. An event at one point may cause a cascade of events to occur in other applications or other points of the processing stream. We can provide workflow systems that tie these applications together in ways which eliminate much of the manual activities and can be easily customized based upon your unique requirements.
  • Consistency. Your applications, websites and digital media should all exhibit common elements, behaviours and functionality so that your clients and users have minimal training requirements as they move from one to another.

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