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Cloud Application Development


With an extensive cloud network and a team of experts trained in cloud application development, Bamboo helps companies large and small develop and deliver applications all over the world.


Developing and running applications and programs off the cloud can be costly, complex and cumbersome. Not only do systems operating outside of the cloud offer a limited scope of use, they also restrict the number of machines that can access the network and the amount of data you can store. They also require an entire team to manage the system, which represents a significant cost to your company. However, in recent years we have seen an increasing number of companies make the smart move to cloud application development. Today, these companies are building new programs and systems that leverage and unleash the power of the cloud.

Bamboo’s cloud application development services are perfectly placed to help you reduce costs, improve performance and increase efficiencies. We design and develop custom applications that are built to harness the power of the cloud. So whether you are looking for a series of mobile apps with a massively scalable back end or a ground breaking new cloud-based system for your clients, we can design and build you a reliable, scalable solution that can be easily adapted to suit your ever-changing needs.

How we can help

Design Bamboo has a methodology to design cloud applications using loosely coupled and tightly integrated components. Our design methodology creates stateless components to enable application scaling.

Architecture Applications must be architected differently for the cloud. We offer a service which bridges the cloud with old enterprise architectures. To ensure maximum benefits from the cloud, Cloud Architecture Patterns are used to handle scalability, failure handling, distributed users and big data.

Development and Testing We can help you to not only build your own application but also access other applications over the cloud to add more features to current application. Bamboo has a structured Cloud Development Model, which ensures all your develooment needs are addressed. 

Maintenance and Enhancement After development we will continue maintenance and apply upgrades easily and without disruption to your application use.


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