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Bamboo Application Enhancement Services (AES) looks for new ways to enhance the value of existing applications in your portfolio.

Our analysts will investigate unused capabilities, different business scenarios, and software changes, to increase the lifetime of your application, or to provide significant new functionality.

A full cost estimate is provided for the changes required and a detailed analysis of the expected returns to your business is documented.


Bamboo Application Enhancement Services (AES), is a formal process for improving the value of an application asset during its operational lifetime. AES is a program of analyzing and implementing potential improvement to an application in terms of technology, infrastructure, business functionality, and operational efficiency. The end result for the client is an application with optimized cost of operation, enhanced business functionality, and increased effective lifespan.

Rather than simply responding to ad hoc change requests during the lifetime of an application, AES is a focused program aimed at improving all aspects of an application. AES ensures the application increases value to the business while, in most cases, reducing operational costs.

By incorporating technology trends and potential migrations, an application asset having distinct business functionality is maintained over a longer operational lifetime, redevelopment costs are reduced and return on original investment is improved.

End User Features

AES is designed to provide the highest level of business value to your existing end clients.

Your application portfolio represents a significant investment. In many cases, this investment is not fully realized before the application replacement process begins. With AES, we can modernize many of your current applications by providing feature rich user interfaces, integrating with other applications, and componentizing the application for reuse throughout your systems without the need for redevelopment.

This means that you can delay the costly process of sourcing, customizing, implementing, training, and deploying a replacement application. Your investments are maintained and continue to deliver business value for longer periods of time.

AES provides a cost effective way to better utilize your limited IT budget and treats your software investments as valuable assets.

Features and Benefits
  • Extending Life of Existing Applications:
    An extension of the application’s effective lifetime, by providing new capabilities, will provide greater returns than replacing the application.
  • Cost Effective Implementation:
    Our Offshore Development Center in Guangzhou provides a cost effective 24*7 service offering.
  • Technology Experts with Extensive Cross Industry Experience:
    Bamboo’s expertise in technology is reflected by its pool of technical and domain experts and its CMMI Level 5 and ITIL compliant implementation methodology.

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