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What should you be looking for when procuring a range of services from an outsourcing company? Should you be looking for a supplier which can provide a single service well? Or should you be looking to procure a wide range of services from a single supplier in order to reduce the costs of managing your vendors and the associated contracts?

While both approaches have their benefits, specialist providers often fail in complex deployments due to the failure of attracting the necessary skills to complete all phases of the project. "One stop shop" vendors often fails to provide a consistent quality amongst the offered services, and in many cases are simply providing a menu of poorly integrated, often conflicting range of skills and services.

The secret to success in complex deployments and application development projects is to choose a vendor that offers an underlying framework upon which it provides a wide range of services. The framework approach ensures that

  1. The offered services are fully integrated and leverage a common skill base
  2. Costs are managed appropriately as all skills are known in advance and are fully utilized
  3. New services can be defined and offered quickly and retain the level of integration of all previously offered services
  4. There is a common, well defined set of methodologies for progression from one service to another
  5. Quality is maintained
  6. You continue to procure from a single vendor

Bamboo is the boutique that provides the benefits of both a specialist vendor and a "one-stop shop" by developing and offering services and solutions based upon the Bamboo Services Framework.

Software Asset Lifecycle Management

Bamboo’s Software Asset Lifecycle Management (SALM) program is a formal process for managing the value of a software asset throughout its lifetime. SALM provides an entire set of services such as application development, maintenance, enhancement, and security hardening. In addition, SALM provides consulting services such as intellectual property (IP) monetization, technology selection, and asset valuation.

software_develop_cycle SALM provides a new way of managing your application portfolio. Rather than a technology driven set of services, SALM harnesses technology as a tool within normal business asset management processes.

This results in improved IT decision making, better communication within the organization, and the ability to manage all corporate assets in a consistent fashion.



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