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FMCG Sales and Marketing Management

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one of the faster growing segments of the market. Supermarket shelves are filled with products which must be tracked in bulk, sales statistics monitored and business tactics changed in very short periods.

In order to maintain position within such a competitive and rapidly expanding market the FMCG industry increasingly turns to Information Technology to give them the competitive edge.

fmcg Even in harsh economic conditions the FMCG market continues to grow over 8% in 2009.

With such rapid growth it becomes essential to be able to identify which of the numerous product lines is selling well, in which markets, and even in which positions on the supermarket shelves.

The range of conditions which can affect the success or failure of a product line in the market place is large, and accurate decision making requires the collection and analysis of large amounts of real-world data.

For the sales & marketing directors of any FMCG their careers may depend on knowing the answers to questions like the following.

  • How to train up our salespeople and improve their sales revenue?
  • How to analyze the competitor information in a short time?
  • How to do the sales forecast and planning in an efficient manner?
  • How to track sales & marketing data in real time and generate flexible sales reports as different stakeholders require?

Bamboo has significant experience with business application development in the FMCG industry, and a specialty in sales and marketing information management. Sales training management, store/sales data management, dealer/competitor information management, sales forecast and planning, and sales expense management are all solution areas.

Efficient Management of Information leads to increased competitiveness and higher margins.


A fortune 100 FMCG supplier needed to be able to more accurately forecast demand, and have more visibility on the performance of product lines within the retail channel. Additionally, information regarding effects of placement, seasonality and market segments where necessary in order to better prepare the sales force to target the correct products for the correct markets.

Fortune 100 FMCG Company Wanted

In the FMCG industry the primary strategy must be to win at the first opportunity. There are few second chances for an under-performing product line. To realize this strategy, the client must understand themselves and their competitor’s in store performance. The aim is to make data-based decisions. Since there was no available third-party to offer this service on the market, they decided to build a Sales Fundamental Tracking system - a powerful tool to guide business planning for both our client and their key customers. The system was to track the client's and key competitors’ in-store sales fundamental performance at key retailers, including distribution, shelving, pricing and merchandising.

As a flexible analysis system, the client wanted.

  • The system to provide a user-friendly and efficient tool with good performance to collect massive amounts of data.
  • The system to provide flexible reports in multiple dimensions.
  • Provide real-time monitoring of marketing intelligence
Bamboo Delivered

Typical Project Team Bamboo designed a light data warehouse system for the client which provided their desired outcome. This system processed the massive raw data through data warehousing and online analysis processing. And at the front end, Bamboo provided a web-based application to serve the client’s requirements. Besides the standard reports, the system also allowed the users to create their own customized reports by simply drawing the report layouts within the web application.

Mission Accomplished

The client is able to maximize the returns from the available shelf space within the supermarkets. Real-time information allowed them to quickly shift sales activities to more profitable lines. The system also provided a standard platform so that common language could be used across channels and regions. Meanwhile, combined with other business data, the system also helped to deepen their business understanding and support data-based decision-making.

What they Say

“Bamboo provides full IT support to us, and sometimes their good service is beyond our expectations”, “Bamboo’s development team's technical knowledge is excellent. System Analysts and Developers understood the business requirements in a short time period,..”. It is clear from the comments from the client why Bamboo is their preferred development partner.

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