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Would you like to make your financial service system faster and provide the latest services at minimal cost and time?

Bamboo Technologies announces the availability of complete financial and banking solutions. With more and more customers demanding customized online and remote services, it is essential for banks and financial institutions to cater to this increasing need. Bamboo’s expertise in e-banking, mobile applications and web-based cash management helps customers address this demand better and compete on a worldwide front.

With the technology world preparing for a shift from the 32 to 64-bit processing environment, quantitative analysts around the world are anticipating a more realistic model for portfolio modeling or risk analysis and similar applications. Bamboo helps customers provide an array of efficient services using the .NET framework. As a Certified Microsoft .NET partner, Bamboo has access to a global team of .NET experts who work together in providing optimal solutions with world class quality.


Bamboo Technologies .NET Solutions for Finance provides a simple and cost-effective solution to its customers’ problems. Using the pool of skilled developers and analysts in our Guangzhou development centre, and proven CMMI and ITIL methodologies and process, we provide a complete solution for e-banking, mobile applications and other online financial services.

This service is a part of the complete range of Bamboo Technologies Speciality IT Services Solutions, designed to provide the highest level of business value to your existing end customers.

In order to compete, organizations have to provide latest market solutions and services. Organizations that want to increase their array of existing financial applications and services, or improve their responsiveness to customer requests, can rely on the capabilities and track record of Bamboo Technologies.


Unlike many other development shops, Bamboo Technologies does not stop with the simple development and deployment of your finished application. We know that to maintain the value of the asset to your business requires continuous improvement, enhanced capabilities and functions.

Bamboo Technologies is dedicated to providing the best value outsourced development and maintenance services with the best in local support and logistics.

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