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Would you like to be able to respond to changing business requirements faster? Reduce the costs of maintaining your software ssets

Bamboo Technologies announces the availability of Managed Application Maintenance Services. Building on Bamboos proven track record in outsourced Application design and development, this offering will provide a cost-effective way for organizations to maintain and enhance their existing software assets on a pay.

Many enterprises have found that as their application portfolio continues to grow, and become more critical to the success of their business that the costs of continuing to maintain and enhance these assets increases dramatically. As well, the ability to attract and retain skilled resources becomes increasingly difficult in the competitive IT market place.

The result? In-House applications consistently fail to keep up with the changes required by business. Defects go undetected and unrectified, the value of the software portfolio decreases.

Bamboo Technologies Managed Application Maintenance Services provides a simple and cost-effective solution to these problems. By using the pool of skilled developers and analysts in our Guangzhou development centre, and proven CMMI and ITIL methodologies and process, we provide a complete solution for maintaining, enhancing and protecting your valuable application asset.

This service is a part of the complete range of Bamboo Technologies Software Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions, designed to provide the highest level of business value from your Application Asset.

Any enterprise with existing in-house applications that wishes to reduce the costs of application maintenance, or improve the responsiveness to business requests for changes will benefit from the skills, capabilities and track record of Bamboo Technologies.

Unlike many other development shops, Bamboo Technologies does not stop with the simple development and deployment of your finished application. We know that to maintain the value of the asset to your business requires continuous improvement, enhanced capabilities and functions.

Bamboo Technologies is dedicated to providing the best value outsourced development and maintenance services with the best in local support and logistics.

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